Wonderful Beginnings.

One of the most wonderful things we people deal is story. We listen to it almost everyday of our lives, and come to think of it life without stories — mine wouldn’t be heard and neither as for you.

From the moment the sun breaks the dawn, everything starts again. We wake up — that’s a good start to a story. Why we wake up? — now that’s more of a good headline.

And then the climax, the resolution, and so forth comes in between our busy day.

At the end of the day, we close it with a gentle touch of everything else – frustration, satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, sorrow, etc. – hoping and wanting that tomorrow would be another start.

We are given the pen of life, write, draw, waste every drop of ink into good use. ‘Coz when it’s about to get empty, there’s something worth reading and watching it back.

Now, I like to write my stories. Though I’m not that good at grammar (which becomes a hindrance to most of us, fearing to get ridiculed), well I don’t mind. ‘Coz how well the story is created doesn’t just always rely on how excellently well the grammar is observed. Sometimes and most often that not, we smile on how the story touch our hearts, how it changes our perspective in life, and how inspired we feel after reading the last word of it.

I hope I can do the same to you. (:


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