A Not So Little Thing :D

From the Thai movie “A (Crazy) Little Thing Called Love” aka “First Love”

At first, I thought watching it would mean a waste of time. But how do I say that if I haven’t given it a chance – to change my life of seeing little things.

P’Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol) secretly fell in love with P’Shone (Mario Maurer). Nam started off with a dark skin, wore eyeglasses, (and I don’t think she has bad teeth but still decided to wear braces to enhance her looks). With the help of Nam’s friends, they transformed her slowly so as to get noticed by Shone. Did they succeed? It’s for you to find out. This story isn’t just one face storyline, it offers a series of different unforgettable events —  a fast phased punch off from seventh grade to tenth grade.

The story was light, funny and nakakakilig especially Mario looks so handsome and Nam’s ugly duckling fate which seemingly was unbelievable added a whole heart to the movie. After watching this, it made me feel so light that I think I’m ready for it Lord! hehehe. Such a really nice story that left me watching once more.

This was that moment when you asked your teacher for an out to the bathroom, but then you’ll change course, hurry down/upstairs, catch your breath hard and then walk calmly as if it so happens you’re just strolling by. Yeah, you got the picture — walking pass by your crush’s classroom just to have a little second check on him. (That’s Nam and P’Shone). 🙂

My new found favorite teacher, Teacher In. She’s beautiful — inside. hahaha. She’s the motivational, driven and spirited to as getting her love. Aww was she sick in here? hmm, I’m not telling you. 🙂 Watch her as she fight her ultimate battle with the men she wants. And it would be an easy feat if Teacher In doesn’t have someone to rival with. 🙂




How’s this for a recreational activity? Allowing yourself to discover art. hehehe. This was for the preparation of their drama (or stage comedy) on Snow White. Nam’s transformation slowly took an angle discourse here. 🙂





Who’s that girl? Is it Nam, talking with P’Shone head front? And who’s that guy, he too looks handsome, does he play an important role here or just a passer by? But I tell you, he comes in “somebody”. Ahh, now it defeats my question, anyway watch him. 🙂





Do you recognize her? IT’S NAM!! She’d changed a lot. At first, I thought it was a different actress. But I came to learn, it’s really her. See how little love can change into big things. 🙂





What’s going on here? Does P’Shone courting P’Nam? 😀 You don’t know? But the sight of it looks mostly like it. Just keep it to yourself, after watching the movie it might wreck all your theories. 🙂





WHAT?! P’Shone stop him. Stop him! They don’t look good with each other. aww, I don’t like this scene. But it’s part of it. You are destined for one, but you’re not crossed-path with one either. 🙂





This is my favorite scene. It takes a whole courage to tell someone how you feel, but it takes more than what you hold to handle how the person you love already had someone a place in their hearts. :’)




“Can’t you hear my heart calling for you, loving you.
But I can’t release my heart out for anyone to know.
Can’t you hear my heart’s waiting there for you.
Waiting for you to feel it. I was hoping that you will realize someday.” This song really fits how they feel. 🙂




Now they already have their careers walking in their respective paths, does a little thing called love still has a place for the two of them? After separated for nine solid years, they get to see each other again. But do they still have their chances? 🙂

I have two last images left, but I decided not to post it. It will, of course, just spoil everything. Just watch it for yourself and let your heart eat a delicious taste of that little thing called love.



Actually, after watching this movie, it gave me a different kind of feeling both happy and sad. Happy that I get to see such heart-warming, soul-touching, light romance of a high school individuals (which exactly had no difference from what I’ve experience in my years of high school). And sad, because it’s a movie. Movies are just acts to be delivered (not to fool) but to entertain excellently the viewers. So I don’t absorbed the whole thing as something as realistic as the one they’ve shown.

Now, everyone’s hooked up on to this movie. I researched about it and realized that it was based on a true story… (that made me feel happy) but then the next word held me back …of everyone. Based on a true story of everyone. Yes, it really was based on my story, her story, his story, everyone’s story. Somehow, it is realistic in everyone’s different little ways. If I have an extra thumb, I’ll stick it up to give this movie a three thumbs up (to you Thai movie and everyone).

Reflects exactly a first love. And the feeling? A not so little thing after all.

🙂 And I won’t get tired watching this movie again and again. I acquired my own copy so when will you?


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