Got Tangled!

My least loved fairytale now became one of my favorite classic entangled with a lot of twist.

From the boring scheme of a princess taken away by a witch, locked inside a tower, a prince then came and tried to set her free but the witch comes between them and so and so but still managed to have a happy ending were all changed into a refreshing storyline — prince was feisty but not as feisty and witty as the princess, the long golden hair doesn’t fell down just a golden stair but magical as well, and a cop-like noble steed? No wonder this film topped its way as the 14th highest-grossing animated feature ever released and ranked second to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows overseas.

SYNOPSIS. A teenage princess will sneak out from her tower with the help (or a deal) from a stray thief, Flynn Rider, just to see the yearly lantern display. Less did she know, it was a celebration for her birthday hoping that she’ll follow it one day and come back home. Rapunzel is no ordinary girl, her long golden hair was a result of the golden flower that gives an everlasting youth. The witch, who introduced as her mother, discovered the ability of the flower and her hair abducted her when she was a baby, trapped her up in the tower and consumed all the youth to herself.

The kingdom’s most wanted thief, Flynn Rider, found himself in the hands, no, in the hair of Rapunzel — tangled. Trapped in the tower with all her life, she only wants one birthday gift, and that’s to see the thousand lanterns but her wicked mother disapproves her. And so, she sneaked out but no sooner her mother founds out and follow them with a pursuit to get her back (and some other evil business). She was successful, but the rest of the story, you should watch it for yourself.

MY SAY. When I saw the trailer, it makes me say, I’ll watch this film. And hope it won’t disappoints me. And it never did. Has light romantic touch, makes me smile, and is it just me or Flynn Rider is one sexy thief who really looks good with Rapunzel. The musical wasn’t overdone. And there wasn’t a boring frame in the show.

Watch this trailer and say something to yourself.



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  1. “Tangled” has all the elements of a classic Walt Disney animated feature. Young beautiful princess locked away in a tower. Evil mother figure who uses the girl for her own vain, corrupt purposes and a lot of animals with quirky personalities. A slight difference this time around is the man that the girl is supposed to fall in love with isn’t of high estate. Nope, he’s…

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