Justice Need Not to Pray

China executed three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking despite Philippines’ appeals for clemency.

Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, 32, and Ramon Credo, 42, met their families for the last time early Wednesday before they were put to death by lethal injection in Xiamen city in southeastern China, said Philippine Consul Noel Novicio. Elizabeth Batain, 38, was allowed to meet with her relatives hours ahead of her execution in southeastern Shenzhen city, Novicio said.

Under Chinese law, the trafficking of at least 50 grammes of any illicit drug is punishable by death.

It is saddening to learn what had became of their plight. China just had their teeth on to those who tries to breach their law and we, Filipinos, make no exception under their hood.

Families and relatives to the prisoners suffers a serious grief to the loss of their loved ones. And not only that, the entire Philippines had joined them as well. The moment the news had reached our land, several attempts had been made to postpone, or hopefully abate the punishment to life sentence but none of which had penetrated the hearts of the Chinese government. Everyone had resorted to what seemingly best and effective way possible — praying. But, with hopes and spirits as high as it is given, didn’t go well heard.

“Drug trafficking is universally recognized as a severe crime,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters. The prisoners insisted they were set up, that they were just victims. But cases like these are very difficult to consider. Victim or not, foreign or local, justice need not to pray to make it happen. It is blind, it only see what visible.

Some may find it just — China just conforms to their laws whether Chinese or not — and some may find it unfair — it’s life they haven’t learned yet. What had happened pave way for us to learn more. A black day to be remembered in the past but a light to be seen in the future.


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