The Art of Getting Fat

Getting fat is not easy as you think — for some. So this simply doesn’t just mean putting all the food in your mouth and poof! you’re already fat and or beefy.

When I was in first year college, I had a body structure — stature and height — of a sixth grader. How much more when I was in middle school. But when I’ve reached later during my third year, I’m starting to grow some beef. Love handles, broader shoulder, fine arms, hmmm, late puberty or I’m just exaggerating? Well, people around me can help but notice the not-so-humongous change in my appearance. They asked, “Am I into gym program?” “Hell, no, I don’t want to look like an egg. With my height of 5’4″ and a body struct of whom? Arnold Schwar..? ” “Then how did you do it?” “I eat — to my heart’s content.”

Many of my peers are taller than me, but one thing they envy me is my not-so-fat yet wonderfully beefed up body. And them, like, well, you get the picture. So they love grabbing my shoulder, my back (lower and upper), though I find it uncomfortable since I also have small stomach bulge forming. Anyway, I didn’t stop my new found love – eating.

Research has indicated that it’s not really an art but it’s the genes that’s responsible. Some have high metabolism that whatever food they eat, how much they consume, it just don’t reflect with their body. And there are some, even the littlest of bites of meal, they easily get full and then get fat. Yeah, I may have agreed with that but nevertheless I believe in the food spirits. Hehehe sounds like food nutrients. Well, they won’t lend their nutrients if you won’t appreciate what they are.

To spill my secret of getting that beefed up body, I just eat like it’s my last. Not that I eat like hell but savoring every spoonful and tasting that every chew to my heart’s desire. I bet you might agree with me, food is the best thing next to s**. Or the first maybe. 🙂 So indulge in that guilty feeling of eating.


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