The Start of My Frustrations

Made me 21 years older to realize I’m in the road to frustrations. Now, I’m beginning to see it clearly the path I’m taken.

I took up Computer Engineering course since I love how technology evolves quickly that being left behind would seem impossible to happen. Riding off to this fast-phased industry, and upgrading every six months, how’s that would make you lagging.

But I realized just now that just because you love technology and gadgetry it doesn’t mean you have to get into a computer engineering course. It’s the technology and/or the gadget you love, and not the principles or concepts or algorithms that are being used in that technology. All I need to get myself into is something that will become lucrative enough for me to buy all those things. Passion is the right word. When I have a passion for something, then it will enlighten me to the right course I’ll be taking.

The idea of computer and engineering clouded me. It deceives me more to the idea that I can create my own gadget. Yes, computer engineering is responsible for that. But then again, it’s not the principles that I’m after, rather it’s the output product.

Boy, what am I getting myself into. Anyhow, I still managed to get into the dean’s lister’s list. But it only consumes about ten percent in the entirety of my stay in college that I, somehow, see to love my course.

My road to frustration has already started before I even know it (and that happened five or six years ago!). Even how good you’re at something, if your heart doesn’t belongs to it eventually you’ll move somewhere where it finds satisfaction. If only someone had told me that before when I was younger, then would I still be the man I am today? arrrrggghhh!! It so frustrates me to learn that giving respect and dignity to my course wouldn’t mean it’ll eventually works its powers. I don’t know what or how to preserve it to make me appreciate of what I have. Do I have to lose it before I can say I had it?

Time waits for no one, and so as life continues. There’s nothing I can do about that now, but I hope there’s something I can do for what lies ahead. After all, you can’t tell it started when there’s no end to speak off.


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