Just Classic

When I first learn about this film, I’m afraid that they won’t live up to their title — The Classic.

I’ve researched about it: they gathered good reviews, the movie didn’t flop either, good casting with a known director (which also directs the hit My Sassy Girl). And so I decided to watch it for myself. My verdict: it was lovely.

SYNOPSIS. The film tells of a parallel love story between a mother (Joo-hee) and her daughter (Ji-hye) which is both played by Son Ye-jin. The mother’s is played as flashbacks but is the main story. It started with that box of memories which traverse back time to the love stories of Joo-hee. Joon-ha (Jo Seung-woo) met the congressman’s daughter long before he learned that his best friend Tae-soo (Lee Ki-woo) is getting fixed marriage to Joo-hee. Joon-ha and Joo-hee are in love but if fate permits, they will end up in each other’s arms. But certain circumstances made it difficult for them to grow. Meanwhile in the present time, Ji-hye secretly fell in love with Sang-min (Jo In-seong), a play director, which her friend,  Soo-kyeong (Lee Soo-in), fells in love with too. With most likely the same circumstances with her mother, will the two had the same ending? Or would it be a happy ending? Look out for the twist too.

MY SAY. The movie failed me. I thought it would be as classic as watching it again and again. But then, it didn’t failed me to see the real meaning. It’s not the film that the title entails to imply, rather it is those love stories of our parents. And that is classic. It was a very lovely story — a heart-warming film. I keep on smiling ’till the end of the half. And in the end, the twist made it simply beautiful.


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