Just Dance 2 Review

If you find Just Dance an unfinished game, then this would fill it to completion, the sequel Just Dance 2.

One of the best-selling video games nowadays. From the typical dance pad of stepping and jumping, this Wii video game enhances it by flailing both of your arms to the onscreen dancer.

With tons of fun and added new features which includes new modes, a much improved visuals, excellent music, eye-catching visual design, and a hilarious choreography that encourages you to get that booty shaking and lay some funky moves no matter what skill level you had when it comes to dancing. So best advice: grab a group of friends and surely you’ll have the fun you’ve imagined. I won’t be telling how it’s played but I can tell you the added features to this game.

Key Features

1. The Coolest Range of Music: With even more new tracks, everyone will find something to dance to! Bust a move to today’s chart-toppers, like When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls, and SOS by Rihanna. Then enjoy classic hits and legendary songs, like I Got You by James Brown, Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner, Hot Stuff by Donna Summer, and The Power by Snap.
2 .The Hottest Dance Moves: Just Dance 2 features even more of the hottest dance moves choreographed by real experts in every style of music including Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R’n B, Latin, and more!
3. Dance Crew Face-Offs! : Create your own 4-person crew and compete in dance-off contests against friends. Up to 8 players can compete!
4. Dance Duets: Dance side-by-side as a duo or competitively with up to 8 friends in this all-new game mode.
5. Keep the Party Going!: All-new Party Mode lets you and your friends lose yourself in the music! No navigating through menus, no need to stop to select the next song%u2026 Just Dance 2 is a non-stop dance party!
6. Dance Your Booty Off!: A workout in disguise, Just Dance 2 keeps you motivated as you burn off calories! While dancing, turn on the Just Dance Sweat Meter and watch those calories burn off!

Revealed tracks:

James Brown – I Got You
Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up
Ike & Tina Turner – Proud Mary
Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
Vampire Weekend – A Punk
Digitalism – Idealistic
Snap! – The Power
Rihanna – S.O.S.

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