Pokemon White Review

The good thing about Pokemon is that it never run out of interest. Yearly, new younger audience has been captivated to this fascinating world.

Every time I go to a video shop and bought this game, it makes me feel a little younger. That’s because I know Game Freak has developed something out from the classic formula but with a pint of new breath of air.

It comes a whopping 154 new Pokemon to catch, level up and then crushing region’s 8 Gym Leaders, this video game is just getting better. But let’s get down to some of my say. The story still has the same template — playing for a 10-year-old boy who doesn’t have a dad, which he met a professor up in their tiny village who introduce him to catching pocket monsters. So our hero then travels from town to town catching earth/fire/water/air pokemons, beating others butt and gathering 8 badges from 8 gym leaders.

The game has been developed into a more story-oriented. Hence, the 8 gym leaders make the plot. They’re not just some 8 random individuals who keep badges for the sake of the game. Good quality story has been woven into it. Anyway, the angles of the game moves, pokemons has a little motion when in a battle mode and CGIs has been enhanced to give that 3D feeling but the pixelated graphics still strain my eyes.

Overall, the game is great but still has something to improve. Well, that’s the interesting part, we keep on going to video store to check out for better and more entertaining versions. So join me in indulging to this virtually inviting world of Pokemon White.

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