The 17 Day Diet

With each Cycle specifically designed to improve a different body system, including digestion and metabolism, the 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno will help speed up the weight loss process, make you healthier and put your body in perfect form to fight off fat as you live your life! Available in bookstores everywhere.

Here are some of the testimonials:

The first week was tough – especially letting go of coffee and substituting green tea. Now, I don’t miss it at all, and I was addicted! I had been a heavy carnivore for years, and had no idea how much it was weighing me down.%uFFFD I’ve been willing to go out of the house in just a T-shirt. I used to try to hide the belly under layers of clothes. — Tom Heatley

This is the best and tastiest diet I have ever been on. The food on this diet is tasty and very SATISFYING. I recommend this diet to anyone who really wants to lose weight and feel good about themselves! — Rene Napoli

In addition to losing weight, this diet makes me feel physically better, not weighed down and bloated by unhealthy food. The 17 Day Diet is easy to follow, with plenty of filling food choices. The recipes were good and I never felt hungry. — Gretchen Krueger

These, and maybe yours, are just those satisfying decisions they ever made.

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  1. Well done, you have gained a new fan, resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me.

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