Taken Away

I’m a dog person. And, for me, having a dog is like having the best-est friend in the world. But as of now, I seclude myself from having one. Maybe sometime in the future.

I had dogs before but they just come and go. The oldest one I’ve had was Honey. She was born way before I do exist in this world. And she died due to old age. I can still remember that day, she slept and didn’t wake up. The last dog we acquired was way 2 years ago. And sadly, they were taken away — both by force and by time.

I remember how happy I was when we have them. Here in the Philippines, dogs were just treated like animals. But not with me. I treat them like I treated myself. There were two of them, I named one Cookie and the other Totskie. Totskie is thin and pretty playful while Cookie is fat and way playful than Totskie. Dogs will be dogs, biting to something, run around the house. I like watching them having fun, and I also joined their teasing too. Not all the people in our house loves the dogs as much as I do. I think I’m the only one who feeds them, looks after them during nightfall, and takes them to what they least like — bathing.

But there’s this event that changed all that. After we got home from a family out. We found mom’s robe being torn down — we don’t know who did it but the suspects were either the two dogs. They got very angry that they ordered Totskie to be killed. The moment I heard it, I got very sad. I don’t know what to do.

And from that day on, any moment now, someone will come to our house and kill Totskie. All I did was to rub Totskie stomach and it made him fell sleepy, or at peace, or at home. I gave all the love I can give for I know what’ll comes next. Two days had passed, but no one came. I hope they forgot all about that. But to my surprise, someone came bringing a wire string. I ran to the bathroom and cover my ears, banging my head to the wall, and rumbling so as not to hear the dog’s whimpering. He strangled him to death. Beyond our concrete walls, I can hear Cookie whimpering, crying over his playmate’s death. I cried my eyes out there hoping I could do something, yes, there was something I can do. But I was afraid to do it.

Days after that, I haven’t seen Cookie running around the ground. And I learned that it got sick, very sick. This was not the first time it got sick terribly like it’s gonna die. During his first sickness, Cookie wasn’t able to eat or drink, and it can hardly open its eyes or walk. But I always visit him, rubbed his back urging him to live. I pushed him to eat a little or drink a little. And, fortunately, Cookie gained back his strength. But this second time around, Cookie didn’t make it.

It made me thinking, it’s my presence and love that made him see to survive the first. And not the food or water. Because during the second time, I wasn’t able to comfort him for he can hardly be found. The two puppies now are playing happily, I guess, in their land where hunger doesn’t exist and love is ample. I miss them now. I know it’s very difficult to gain affection and being unwanted or unloved is the most sickening feeling one can get, even though they’re animals, they have emotions too. ‘Till the end, I didn’t regret loving them. We will see each other soon Cookie and Totskie, just wait for me, I miss you already. :’)


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