Summer Kites

Can hardly recall when was the last time I flew kites. But there’s one thing I can remember, it was summer and I was having fun.

Nowadays, when childhood has abandoned me and growing up seems to stand in my way, it is difficult to find a little time for fun this summer time. I can still feel that cool summer air rushing against my kite, then mixed with the tender warm of the sky, everything was truly a moment to remember. Life as a kid will always be a free-willing fun, no complexity about life and nothing to worry about. Why wouldn’t it last.

Flying a kite taught me a lot of things. You have to learn how the wind moves to bend nicely along the current. Don’t fly far away from the rest or you might snap loose your thread. Fly close where your colors can be seen but don’t forget to soar. And never ever forget to enjoy while summer air has come to visit. They might look like superficial fun to some kids but as you look close to your kite, it shows something much more to the materials it was made. We fly for not just what we are but, in most likely cases, we fly for who we are.

I wish I could fly some kite someday, soon. Life is a few like flying, we come down to rest but sometimes we fly to see everything what we are and who we are.


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