They Glitter, They’re Beautiful… I Bet They’re Expensive.

I mentioned in my past accounts of life that I when it comes to the field of study I took, it did give me a little more frustrations.

But the past will now be a past, and moving on will always be my present. No more dwelling on regrets but make the best of now.

I once had chit chat with a friend of how my five years of study almost becomes an empty road. But we concluded in the end, things will never be too late. There is still time to chase our dreams. I, for once, wanted to be a photographer — into graphics and media arts. I want to capture the world, especially these days people are moving quicker than the earth’s rotation. Through my photography, I’ll be able to capture moving sceneries into still pictures that people will stop and see, realize that the most beautiful things are those small details we fail to see everyday.

And I, for once, wants to touch and or inspire others to make the best out of their lives. But here again comes a wall of separation — that eerie, misty wall that separates dreams from reality. Dreams dazzles me like a flicker of light that my soul wants to follow. They glitter, they’re beautiful, and dreams, I bet they’re expensive. Yes, they are indeed. Now, I’m again tuned into less dependent with time. There’s nothing much I can do yet to realize them. But there’s everything less I can still do, and that’s slowly building, bits by bits, the foundations of my visions.

Not practicing my profession would sound insane, but no matter what, if my heart’s not there I’ll continue to move where it’ll find its place. Soon, not later, I’ll catch up with my dreams, running hand in hand and live a fulfilling life. 🙂


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