Want a Piece of Them?

I’m probably, no certainly, way behind this riveting anime comic series, One Piece. Adopted in nearly 15 countries and translated into moving pictures, this series sure know how to capture the world.

Way back when I was in third year high school, I already enjoyed a couple episodes. But it didn’t went long enough since summer is starting to end. That summer was my unforgettable one, I not only finished one anime series but two (that excludes One Piece since it didn’t yet ended). Anyhow, the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy was more than captivating and should I say wickedly magical.

As one of my favorite anime series, let me introduce that powerful cast of One Piece. There is their captain Monkey D. Luffy (aka Straw-hat boy), whose dream is to became the Pirate King which, in an era of pirates, is not an easy feat. There is  Roronoa Zoro, whose dream is to be the most invincible swordsman in the world. Next is Sanji, a cook whose dream is to see the All Blue where everything is blue even the fishes. There’s the navigator Nami, whose dream is to make a map of the world. Then there’s Usopp, a self-titled “King of Sniper Sogeking”, whose dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea. Then the doctor, Tony Tony Chopper, a blue-nosed reindeer whose dream is to see the world and practice his medicine. They also have the “Devil Child”, Nico Robin, whose dream is to know the true history through deciphering poneglyph. There’s emotional Franky, the Cyborg, where his body is made of metal that gave him superhuman strength. His dream is to build a shipwright and sail to the end of the world. Lastly, Brook, a skillful musician whose dream is, well, kept by himself. There’s also Nefertari Vivi, she almost became one of the members but refuse the offer since she has a duty to serve as princess of Alabasta.

Anyway, you’ll probably know better than me once you’ve read or watched the episodes. What I mostly like about this story is how the fight, never surrender, even death is not an option to give up one’s dream. Notice how each one of them have that one common similarities? And it is through that dream how the all managed to stand still firmly above the ground.

Apart from the story, it’s comedic in a way that’s idiotic and plainly very funny — simply yet it makes you laugh out loud. In my second life, I wish I’ll fall into this dimension where being strong is a will, where strength is proportional to dedication and passion and not just physical strength, where friendship is the biggest fighting force, not love, nor hope, nor anything else but friendship.

I highly recommend this one to you, there is so much more to write, but it’ll just spoil everything. And the best thing about it is you kept on leafing to the next page for that curiosity of what’s to come next. Enjoy!

While I was writing this, I’m reading the comic actually. And continually enjoying it. This anime series will forever be part of me now. The dreams, fantasies, fun and experience will forever be a memory to cherish and look up to. Being a pirate is not all treasure hunting and ship bombing, sometimes pride gets into the head to keep those dreams flaming. I will fight for my dreams, want a piece?


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