Growing Light

I never really liked her (nor hated her) even when she was a contestant on a national singing competition show. She took home first place and lose the title to Sam Concepcion. But anyhow, this girl manages to soar above her rival and so as well, the show’s host who happens to be the country’s pop princess — Sarah Geronimo. Along her great achievements come a good number of haters, antagonists and fans, lovers as well.

So what causes these two to exist? Well, they will always exist since no one can really pleases all.

Even here in the Philippines, anti-Charice roams around too. Many find her hungry for international fame, which many also agree for that’s not what Filipinos are all about. Instead of being proud for her uplifting pinoy talent and slowly recognizing us to the world, some just can’t see that. And I can’t blame them for that, even I saw something different in her — ambitious and all. Envy doesn’t get out of the way either. Look at her, how famous she’s gone. Now eyebrows are starting raising up. How come she get such attention when she doesn’t even won the competition? Well, luck, no fate has its ways.

On the other side, fans are growing in numbers especially on her appearances in the hit musical series, Glee. This girl is sure gifted with such powerful voice. I too kinda slowly appreciating her. Singing her numbers in the episode gave me goosebumps, I bet it’s the same feeling fans of hers are experiencing too. She’d gone far from Oprah to Foster, and I just can’t imagine where her fortune goes where. Well, that’s Charice for you! I’m now looking forward seeing her career if it’s blossoming or withering. But withering? Too soon to speak for that.


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  1. Hi Kino,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Charice. I would also like to write like you, but I’m lazy, so I’ll just post a response to your blog.

    It also perplexed my why Charice’s haters are mostly Filipino’s. As a Filipino living here in the US for 17 years, I believe, I have some idea why. I think it’s the Filipino mentality and culture that’s the problem. An acquaintance of mine showed her dislike of Charice in one word, “ambisyosa.” You said it, “ambition and all.”

    “Ambisyosa” has a bad connotation in Filipino – a social climber who will do anything, by hook or by crook, to achieve her ambition. It is contrary to our Filipino culture of modesty. It is bad for us to say, “I want to be very rich.” The proper way would be to say “I just want to have enough.” Charice does not fit the Filipino idea of modesty because she is not shy to say that she wants to be a famous singer or to have a duet with David Archuleta or Mariah Carey. The typical Filipino reaction would be to say, “How can a poor, short, dark-skinned, ugly girl, who comes from a barrio public school dare think like that, who does she think she is?” It is in our Filipino psyche that only mestizos/mestizas – tall, light-skinned, long-nosed, educated in exclusive private schools, are entitled to be stars or represent the Filipino people. With that quick turn-off, they fail to look deeper and see the real Charice.

    Having lived in the US, many of my attitudes/perspectives have changed. You may have heard of the American dream. It is only in America that you can come with nothing but a dream and actualize it. Many have come to America with just a shirt on their back and are now multi-millionaires. Children here are encouraged to have ambition, to dream big, to believe they can be president of the US. Charice has those big dreams and she made it come true – by sheer hard work, determination, and her God-given talent. I think those who hate Charice have completely missed this.

    Some people dismiss Charice’s success as mere luck. Yes, by winning the lottery, you can be a millionaire – that is luck. With luck, you don’t need talent or hard work. Charice had a sold-out concert tour in Japan, not because of luck, but because she has the talent, she has the guts, she worked hard and therefore she deserves it.

    If you really come to think of it, what is wrong with having a dream or ambition? When I was young, I used to dream and even daydream that I was a famous cowboy actor, but I was ashamed to tell anyone about it. I’m sure all of us have secret ambition of becoming rich too. Yet, our Christian values dictate that we should be content of what we have, so becoming rich is considered bad. I believe, this is one reason why the Philippines remain a poor country. Perhaps, it is high time for Filipinos to change this negative attitude about ambition.

    Even without much money, I was able to help a lot of people and I felt proud about it. Now that I have seen how much good Charice has done at such a young age, I feel very very small in comparison. Only those who have followed Charice closely know that she raised money for flood victims in the US Mid-West, for cleft-lip children in Africa, for earthquake victims in Haiti and Japan, for victims of typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines, and a lot of charities. Though I can be of help with little money, Charice has made me realize that the more money you have, the greater help you can give to others. Charice has not forgotten where she comes from and despite the hate she gets from some Filipinos, she gives back magnanimously.

    Another common complaint from some Filipinos is that she is arrogant and over-confident. To make it short, I’ll just say they don’t know the difference between proud and boastful. It would be preposterous for Oprah, Celine Dion and other great people to love and help her if she was arrogant. Charice is proud of what she has accomplished and she is the most humble, down-to-earth, and genuine person I have ever met.

    Despite coming from a broken family with a violent childhood experience, Charice is a happy person with an infectious bubbly personality. She brings out the kid in you. She’s an obedient, loving and thoughtful daughter. Through it all, Charice has endured adversity, prejudice and malice with class. That is what I admire about her the most.

    This is too long already so I’ll stop here. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

    • wow, if being lazy can create that comment too long, then i wanna be lazy. ehehehe
      thanks for expounding both our sentiments towards Charice. yeah, you really are right!

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