How to Get an NBI Clearance in Cebu

Processing for documents like these are a bit tiresome and sometimes a pain in the neck. Especially when it’s your first and not knowing what to do just adds to that scary feeling of getting humiliated or failing. That’s why I’ll share to you my first application of a legal document — the NBI Clearance.

Filling for an application, well of course, happens in their main office. And here in Cebu, it is located left side of Cebu Provincial Capitol (aka Capitol). A walk of not less than two minutes probably will bring you there.

Note: Now you know where it is, better yet be veerryy early. I, for instance, arrived at 7am.

And what to bring: A valid ID (Driver’s Licence, Employer ID, SSS ID, Passport, School/Voter’s ID, etc.) but if you don’t have any of these, like me, you can bring along your NSO Birth Certificate (or some would prefer Police Clearance but I don’t know how to secure one). Also, bring one black pen, a water, a fan and an umbrella (the last three are just my friendly reminder).

Once you’re ready then I’ll shall take you in.

Crowd is the thing you should be expecting. And they’re pretty well scattered in the registration area. The REGISTRATION AREA is the first step of your application. But mind you, it’s very difficult to identify it for it only consist of a table. I mistook it for some information desk.

There you will write your name, present your valid ID for an acquisition of a form (color blue on one side and white on the other) and it has a priority number on it. You know what to do with a form. Fill it up!

Note: On the purpose, write only LOCAL or ABROAD. Local for working locally and the other is understandable. In this way it is easier for them to process your application. And also, fill the EDP number according to the ID you present. For example, you have a School ID, then write your School ID number, same goes for driver’s license, SSS number, NSO registry number, and so on. For newbies who use Birth Certificate (BC) with no registry number, like in my case, just have your BC photocopied. Furthermore, MAKE YOUR WRITING LEGIBLY, mind you it takes you to an advantage.

After filling it, you’re next for FINGER PRINTING. It’s a long table with five to eight lines, choose one, get your fingers printing and your almost half way there. Also, you need to pay the overpriced wet cloth for five (P5) pesos. It’s optional but would you refuse a better way of cleaning your messy fingers?

Then next will be the CASHIER. Here, that priority number written on the upper-left corner of your form will be used. An amount of one hundred fifteen (P115) pesos for both local and abroad are paid to the cashier (windows 1A/1B). But the price really differs depending to your purpose, I just haven’t get the chance to look closely over the price list.

Anyhow, once your done paying it, PICTURE TAKING comes next, just fall in line leading to window 2A. But if you have your 2×2 photo, then you can stick it in your form and directly pass it to window 2B, but hey, technically you’re already paying it. So would you rather give an extra possession? Your choice.

Note: For those who have the same case as me (like the no registry number in BC), it is in here that you’ll pass it along with the form and the receipt.

Then, take stand erect and say ‘YES!”. Now you’re done!

Congratulations! All you have to do now is wait for your name to be called.

Note: But wait, there’s this thing we all feared for — and that’s when your name get ‘hit’. It means to say, your record have encountered something suspicious say, you have the same name, your spouse got hit (not hit by a car or something but his/her record got hit), and just heard this, those who have a surname of LIM, UY, SO, etc. yeah Chinese, are more likely to get hit also. ‘Coz when you got hit, then you’ll probably scratching your head waiting for another 10 days for your record to be released.

So there goes my NBI Clearance 101.

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