About the Author

I am Kino Adam Wei.

A 21-year-old when I started blogging here computer engineering graduate whose passion goes in a wide scope on almost everything.

I always thought I’m  just like any average guys — the ordinary, the normal — but sadly I’m not what I thought so. Yes, you are correct. I’m different, unique, we all are. But how come I find it too difficult to stand out or fit in. See, there’s my undying dilemma.

But I wont give in. I am Kino Wei. And this life has stories to tell. I’ll write, laugh and live for what seems to an unclassified life and being I am. After all, being unable to fall between different and unique still makes me unique. 🙂

  1. Charles Lustfield

    I help students with math ansiety and would like to use the pictureon your web site of the frustrated biy with the book in frony of him. Do you have a copyright on this picture? if, so, may I have permission to use this photo.
    Thanks you,
    Charles Lustfield

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