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Growing Light

I never really liked her (nor hated her) even when she was a contestant on a national singing competition show. She took home first place and lose the title to Sam Concepcion. But anyhow, this girl manages to soar above her rival and so as well, the show’s host who happens to be the country’s pop princess — Sarah Geronimo. Along her great achievements come a good number of haters, antagonists and fans, lovers as well.

So what causes these two to exist? Well, they will always exist since no one can really pleases all.

Even here in the Philippines, anti-Charice roams around too. Many find her hungry for international fame, which many also agree for that’s not what Filipinos are all about. Instead of being proud for her uplifting pinoy talent and slowly recognizing us to the world, some just can’t see that. And I can’t blame them for that, even I saw something different in her — ambitious and all. Envy doesn’t get out of the way either. Look at her, how famous she’s gone. Now eyebrows are starting raising up. How come she get such attention when she doesn’t even won the competition? Well, luck, no fate has its ways.

On the other side, fans are growing in numbers especially on her appearances in the hit musical series, Glee. This girl is sure gifted with such powerful voice. I too kinda slowly appreciating her. Singing her numbers in the episode gave me goosebumps, I bet it’s the same feeling fans of hers are experiencing too. She’d gone far from Oprah to Foster, and I just can’t imagine where her fortune goes where. Well, that’s Charice for you! I’m now looking forward seeing her career if it’s blossoming or withering. But withering? Too soon to speak for that.


The Legend and The Guhimo

After coming across these two teasers on ABS-CBN, I was interested to learn about it. It looks promising to watch though. So I guess, this wouldn’t go on air unnoticed.

I Am Legend. (Oh, this is not Will Smith’s) With its lead actress in the person of, the queen of Koreanovelas, Kim Jung-Eun, this will definitely be another to look forward to.

It talks about a woman who follows her dreams despite all the glittering wealth she has. Well, it wasn’t hers actually but belongs to her husband’s family. It was no easy wife work. She was treated no less than of a trophy display. She’s not allowed to talk during social functions, her mother-in-law is insensitive to her as a person, they were married just because she got pregnant, which after the marriage she got miscarriage. Her husband doesn’t support her. She’s here — only here. But when her younger sister needs a bone marrow transplant for her, she was forbidden to do so. And that triggered her request for a divorce.

The story now goes around her following embarking on her new career as a singer for the “Madonna Band”. How the story ends and how she acquired being the legend is up for you to see.

But what I’m very intrigue of is this one, My Girlfriend is a Guhimo (Nine-Tailed Fox). The lead are new to me, but that doesn’t bothers me. What I’m after is the romance and that mystical creature. How’s that supposed to stir things up!

Dae Woong releases the 9 tail fox out from his grandfather’s ancient painting by drawing nine tails in it. The creature wanted to become a human but was trapped long ago for such rumors that it eats human livers. Dae Woong meets a beautiful girl (Miho) after a life threatening fall without him knowing that it was the creature he freed. But soon enough, Dae Woong realized what he did and tried to keep her happy and hide from everyone that she’s a gumiho.

Miho saved Dae Woong from that tragic fall, and so she becomes his orb. He can’t date anybody except her. Moreover, the only way for Miho to become a human is to drink his blood within 100 days. As the story goes on, they fell in love, and what Miho didn’t say is that Dae Woong must die. A trouble brews around their love.

I wonder how these stories goes. Can’t wait! Only on ABS-CBN.

How Many Days Left?

ABS-CBN’s upcoming primetime show, 100 Days to Heaven, is something I look forward to.

I’m a fan of Xyriel Manabat where I find her more flexible and great when it comes to acting. (Unlike, Zaijan Jaranilla, whom I find lucky having the cutest, most innocent baby face but, hey, he’ll soon grow up. And he only got a mediocre of acting skills.) Anyway, in Agua Bendita, where Xyriel played the young Agua and Bendita knocked me off with her two contradicting roles. It must have been fun for her, and it shows on the screen. With such an age, she’ll definitely go on a long way.

And now she’s entrusted with another primetime lead role that, I hope, move us to tears, laughter and amazement.

100 Days to Heaven tells a story of a cold-hearted boss of a toy company, Madam Anna Manalastas, who’ll be played by veteran actress Ms. Coney Reyes. One day, the car she was in got exploded. And upon learning that she’ll live the next life in hell, she stunned the gate keeper with her negotiating prowess and was given 100 days more on earth to correct the things she wronged to. But with a twist, she will do it one more time as a 7-year-old kid.

Will she makes it in time before the days runs out?

And other thing I look forward to are the power house cast:

Ms. Coney Reyes
Jodi Sta. Maria
Xyriel Manabat

Also starring:
Dominic Ochoa
Rafael Rosell
Valerie Concepcion
Smokey Manaloto
Neil Coleta

Louis Abuel

With the special participation of:
Shaina Magdayao
Vice Ganda
Sam Milby
Jason Abalos
Xian Lim
Mark Gil
Felix Roco
Noel Trinidad
Ms. Gloria Romero

Directed by:
Malu L. Sevilla

Another inspiring series about chances and forgiveness that will surely touch our hearts. 100 Days to Heaven will be replacing Imortal.

Philippine TV — Can’t Get Out of the Box

Two huge broadcasting companies are all over for the top ratings — and another one is quickly coping to break in to a trio competition.

The other claim that they’re No. 1, well, in a matter of a opinion, yes they are. But the ratings tell otherwise. And to add to the vague title, not only one market research group is conducting the numerical figures but two. And so, one has the right in saying they’re No. 1 while the other can say the same too.

Anyway, that’s not the main issue here. This year, and coming, tv stations are trying to put up a good family entertaining telesereryas. But it never comes out of the box. Most of it are remakes and if not, cheap versions to international hit series. Let’s state a few examples.

Face to Face from Maury

Face to Face is from a Filipino broadcasting network, TV5. This talakserye is beefing up fast ratings since it market to those of middle and lower class of the society. It started airing on around March 2010 and up to now, still making its 280+ episodes. The program showcases conflicts between two parties, they talk it out (in a somewhat barbaric manner), rumble in the set, say obscene words without being censored — now that’s what people love to see, raw reality dramas. Relatively quite a hit. While, Maury, is an American show television show that goes with the same format. Though Maury has been on air for a decade now, making 3000+ of episodes. And still running.

Kitchen Superstar from Master Chef

Kitchen Superstar will be airing soon on GMA7. It will, as its name suggest, caters Pinoy talents of cooking. Any cooking show may be a format-based to the former show with the same field. But the thing that makes me say this is somewhat similar to Master Chef is because of its prequel, Amazing Cooking Kids parallels Junior Master Chef. They should have instead pilot the Amazing Cooking Kids to defray leading conceptions. Master Chef started last year and became a world-wide phenomenal hit series and franchise. ABS-CBN will soon air Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition.

Tweetbiz The Bizniz of Chizmiz from TMZ

Tweetbiz The Bizniz of Chizmiz is from QTV11’s showbiz program. A group of socialite individuals who talk celebrity gossips based form the social networking site Twitter. Their set is like an office, with their researchers sitting, scattered. And the main host is holding a pen jotting down issues on the white board. Sounds familiar? Yup, similarly the same to American celebrity new program, TMZ. TMZ started on 2005 and still running up to now busting prolific gossips from celebrities famous or not. Though Tweetbiz is limited to Twitter information, still somethings telling me I smell the same breath of air.


There are a lot to mention but that, I guess, would bore you. Anyhow, the examples I have dictated are somewhat an attempt of copying a format. ABS-CBN has a lot of copied shows — but they are legal. They are franchised rather than from making a seemingly cheap concepts. It makes me wonder, when will Philippine television get out of the box.

Nasaan Ka Elisa?

From the hit Chilean series ¿Dónde Está Elisa?, here comes ABS-CBN’s remake, Nasaan Ka, Elisa? (lit. Where are you, Elisa?)

A breath of fresh air — away from the usual Pinoy series of fated love, or heavy drama, or amnesia-induced storyline, this one brings something different.

Intriguing, criminal, and unexpected(?). And I did speak too soon. Plots likes these are, in one way or another, predictable. It’s either the protagonist of the story is the cause of the conflict or someone close to the main character (that writers will try to make that person, which we least expected it to be, be the main suspect of the crime). Hence, it could be his father or uncle or auntie or the janitor she seldom talks to.

SYNOPSIS. The conflict arises when after going to a pub, Elisa disappeared. Elisa is a rich teenage, eldest daughter of Mariano (Albert Martinez) and Dana Altamira (Agot Isidro). She was the perfect daughter, as everyone thought so. After her disappearance, which they assume as a kidnapping incident, investigators, Cristobal (Joem Bascon) and Giselle (Desiree Del Valle) tried to solve the mystery of the missing girl. The two managed to list down names of people who might have possibly kidnapped Elisa, including her family members (aunts, uncles, cousins), her friends and classmates. Now the storyline is being highlighted. They will solve the case, that’s for sure but will they find Elisa? And know the person behind the kidnapper?

MY SAY. Melissa Ricks topbilled this upcoming series. If she was missing in the plot, then wouldn’t that be a big slice of budget saved? Well, this is the interesting part: I must watch it to know it. And what do Angels and Demons, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes have in common that people love? …mind games. Most of us wants to give a little push to understand profoundly what the story is (and not only sticking to CGI’s and action acts). So who do you think is the brain behind Elisa’s disappearance?

Be, Be Da Best! :)

Summer na naman sa buong bansa!

And the entire Kapamilya network has recently released their station ID.

Shoot outside from the typical summer notions (beach, beach, and beach!), the newest station ID shows freedom in being the best this summer.

You have to ‘jump high’ to stand out from the rest, give out your best and don’t forget to have fun especially this summer which is one of the loved seasons of Pinoys.

The ID shows energetic activities, light summer attires and enthusiastic jumps. The entire talents of ABS-CBN was there, almost. From the remake hit of Mara Clara to the newest programs shown soon, almost no one got left behind.

So jump in to be da best! this summer. 🙂 Watch the Kapamilya Summer Station ID 2011!

Can Captain Pull Off the Streak?

Captain Barbell is the newest show of GMA7 that will usher Richard Gutierrez’s comeback to primetime.

After Full House (2009), Richard has taken less acting and more hosting. And this maybe to give way for other actors in GMA’s domain to do their center stage acts,  honing Richard for a greater project. And that project has finally arrived — Mar’s Ravelo’s Captain Barbell.

Not an original one, nobody doubts that, in fact this is the second time around that Richard will be doing another Captain Barbell series.

Yes, yes, everyone’s going for a new. If their digging for good chunky ratings, they should put on everything to get everyone’s sight. But have they really managed to do all that well? Hmm, they’ve taken not one lead actress but four — Richard’s rumored girlfriend Solenn Heussaff, PBB graduate Sam Pinto, GMA’s Lovi Poe, and Survivor Philippines’ Michelle Madrigal. They’ve also promised the viewers for their great CGI effects that’s worth betting for international filmography. And Jillian Ward, the child star of GMA, is no far from the story. But the acting? Who needs acting when it’s an action/fantasy series. Well, I hope this is selling fast like hotcakes. Let’s just see about that.

GMA7 is well known for their field in fantaserye, after the hit and very successful Encantadia, they’ve never stop offering the same genre to viewers. Factly, it made them, at times, on top against their competitors (ABS-CBN and TV5).

But after spoon after spoon of fantaserye, what would made this another different from the rest? Well, let the rating speak.

AGB Nielsen Mega Manila People Ratings:


  1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) – 16%
  2. Captain Barbell (GMA-7) – 13.9%
  3. Dwarfina (GMA-7) – 13.8%
  4. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (ABS-CBN) – 13.6%
  5. Mutya (ABS-CBN) – 13.5%
  6. I ♥You Pare (GMA-7) – 12.9%
  7. The Baker King (GMA-7) – 12.7%
  8. 24 Oras (GMA-7) – 11.3%
  9. Magic Palayok (GMA-7) / Imortal (ABS-CBN) – 10.5%
  10. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) – 10.2%


Kantar Media-TNS National Household Ratings:


  1. Mutya (ABS-CBN) – 34.8%
  2. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) – 34.1%
  3. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (ABS-CBN) – 32%
  4. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) – 27.1%
  5. Captain Barbell (GMA-7) – 22.8%
  6. 24 Oras (GMA-7) – 21.9%
  7. Imortal (ABS-CBN) – 21.6%
  8. Dwarfina (GMA-7) – 20.7%
  9. Magic Palayok (GMA-7) – 19.1%
  10. The Baker King (GMA-7) – 17.6%


Captain didn’t pull off the winning streak of Mara Clara. People has grown tired of fantaseries perhaps. Well, I can’t speak too soon, after all it’s just their first day. And neither I can tell what will happen next. So what do you think?