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Just Classic

When I first learn about this film, I’m afraid that they won’t live up to their title — The Classic.

I’ve researched about it: they gathered good reviews, the movie didn’t flop either, good casting with a known director (which also directs the hit My Sassy Girl). And so I decided to watch it for myself. My verdict: it was lovely.

SYNOPSIS. The film tells of a parallel love story between a mother (Joo-hee) and her daughter (Ji-hye) which is both played by Son Ye-jin. The mother’s is played as flashbacks but is the main story. It started with that box of memories which traverse back time to the love stories of Joo-hee. Joon-ha (Jo Seung-woo) met the congressman’s daughter long before he learned that his best friend Tae-soo (Lee Ki-woo) is getting fixed marriage to Joo-hee. Joon-ha and Joo-hee are in love but if fate permits, they will end up in each other’s arms. But certain circumstances made it difficult for them to grow. Meanwhile in the present time, Ji-hye secretly fell in love with Sang-min (Jo In-seong), a play director, which her friend,  Soo-kyeong (Lee Soo-in), fells in love with too. With most likely the same circumstances with her mother, will the two had the same ending? Or would it be a happy ending? Look out for the twist too.

MY SAY. The movie failed me. I thought it would be as classic as watching it again and again. But then, it didn’t failed me to see the real meaning. It’s not the film that the title entails to imply, rather it is those love stories of our parents. And that is classic. It was a very lovely story — a heart-warming film. I keep on smiling ’till the end of the half. And in the end, the twist made it simply beautiful.


Toy Story 3 — And the Story Continues

Most of the sequel I’ve seen are, well, doesn’t surpass the first installment. But Toy Story 3 is one of those who managed to entertain us doubled than its latter films.

This file has seated in our desktop for months now and I didn’t even bother to watch it. Then that one dreary afternoon came — I open it. And damn it was … I can’t even find the words. The film is so good that it became the 5th highest-grossing film of all time with just a budget of $200M.

Andy is growing up and he’s going to college now. He can’t be a kid forever and so he had to make decisions for himself — like what to do with his old toys. The adventure begins when the toys decided to get their selves donated to a daycare. It was a haven some of them thought. No owners, no heartbreaks. But less did they know, staying in daycare is a rough fun in a prison. So they tried to escape and find their way back home, but was there a home to get back?

We were once a kid who plays with all our hearts. But we can’t play like that forever. This movie shows the other side of that fun, the happier and sadder stories of the toys. I’m not getting any cheesier here, but, I almost cried my eyes out to this film (but had to forcefully stop it since I’m an adult now).

If you haven’t seen the film and thought, Oh! this is just for kids, you might consider thinking twice. I regret the times when I left this film standing alone in our drive, much like the toys I’m not playing it anymore.


Blu, Flying Near You

From the makers of ICE AGE, here comes another family-friendly film, RIO.

A story of, a rare species and the last male of its kind, a Blue Macaw named Blu who gets out from his comfort zone and fights the fear to win his heart. Lending Blu’s voice is The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg with his partner/loveteam Jewel (Anne Hathaway). The film was jam-packed with great actors, a wise Toco Toucan (George Lopez); Luiz, a bulldog (Tracy Morgan); Linda, Blu’s owner (Leslie Mann); Flora, a Roseate Spoonbill (Wanda Sykes); Fernando, a teenage boy (Jake T. Austin); Pedro, a Red-crested Cardinal (Will.I.Am); and Nico, a small Yellow Canary (Jamie Foxx); with bottle cap as a hat.

The film took place, well, in Rio de Janeiro. Under development for years, Rio is considered “Brazilian-born Saldanha’s dream project“. Saldanha reported that the film will be more musical than his comedic Ice Age movies.

So catch it flying soon near you. 🙂

200 Pounds Beauty, 200 Pounds Good Movie

200 Pounds Beauty, a Korean film that gross to $45,000,000 with a budget of $4,000,000.

Probably not new in the silver screen but will always be whenever I watch this film again and again.

The manga-based movie was compelling, moving — it touches us beyond our eyes could see. Well, at this time of era, it’s not new that what matters most is the inner beauty and in this time of era, we just place that idea somewhere in the back rooms of our mind never really put to realization its real meaning. Sounds right? No, we defy denial.

SYNOPSIS. Han-na (Kim Ah-jung) is an overweight phone sex employee and a secret vocalist for Ammy, a famous pop singer. Han-na all do her job: sing behind the stage during concerts, record her albums, etc. One day, Ammy ungratefully humiliated Han-na in front of the music company’s director Sang-jun (Ju Jin-mo) during his birthday, who well know Han-na had a secret crush on him. While crying inside the bathroom, Han-na overheard Sang-jun telling Ammy to be good with her since they can’t afford to lose her. Heartbroken and desperate, Han-na attempted suicide but was interrupted when one of her employee, who happens to be a professional plastic surgeon, calls. She convinced him to have a head-to-toe plastic surgery. The surgeon didn’t agreed at first but Han-na blackmailed him that she’ll tell her wife about their intimate phone sex. And not only that, she opened up her speech saying it’s not merely for her to look beautiful but all for the sake of love and to boost her confidence. And so…

… am I gonna tell it all or are you gonna watch the film?

MY SAY. Why am I not surprised when this low budget film gross its way to $45M. It was good movie and when I say it’s moving, yeah, it really does move you to tears (especially to those who can relate, I’m not giving you an idea that I’m fat — no offense to those). But though the movie has a strong punchline, it didn’t, I think, seem to inculcate its real message to the viewers. Why we still go first on good appearances, human nature I guess. So sit back and just enjoy the concerts!

PS: Love this song! 🙂

Got Tangled!

My least loved fairytale now became one of my favorite classic entangled with a lot of twist.

From the boring scheme of a princess taken away by a witch, locked inside a tower, a prince then came and tried to set her free but the witch comes between them and so and so but still managed to have a happy ending were all changed into a refreshing storyline — prince was feisty but not as feisty and witty as the princess, the long golden hair doesn’t fell down just a golden stair but magical as well, and a cop-like noble steed? No wonder this film topped its way as the 14th highest-grossing animated feature ever released and ranked second to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows overseas.

SYNOPSIS. A teenage princess will sneak out from her tower with the help (or a deal) from a stray thief, Flynn Rider, just to see the yearly lantern display. Less did she know, it was a celebration for her birthday hoping that she’ll follow it one day and come back home. Rapunzel is no ordinary girl, her long golden hair was a result of the golden flower that gives an everlasting youth. The witch, who introduced as her mother, discovered the ability of the flower and her hair abducted her when she was a baby, trapped her up in the tower and consumed all the youth to herself.

The kingdom’s most wanted thief, Flynn Rider, found himself in the hands, no, in the hair of Rapunzel — tangled. Trapped in the tower with all her life, she only wants one birthday gift, and that’s to see the thousand lanterns but her wicked mother disapproves her. And so, she sneaked out but no sooner her mother founds out and follow them with a pursuit to get her back (and some other evil business). She was successful, but the rest of the story, you should watch it for yourself.

MY SAY. When I saw the trailer, it makes me say, I’ll watch this film. And hope it won’t disappoints me. And it never did. Has light romantic touch, makes me smile, and is it just me or Flynn Rider is one sexy thief who really looks good with Rapunzel. The musical wasn’t overdone. And there wasn’t a boring frame in the show.

Watch this trailer and say something to yourself.


Hi There, Stranger!

Hello Stranger is a Thai movie that’s grossing its way to the top.

Nuengtida Sopon (the girl) met Chantavit Dhanasevi (the guy) in an unusual way. She found him drunk and homeless in her apartment’s front porch. He was stubborn and she was, well, just the tourist one and how they became less than of a stranger revolves the story around.

It was light, the ending was hanging, but you should watch everything in between ‘coz it will make you see that strangers can let you feel the strangest of emotion. 🙂

Personally, this movie doesn’t fell in a must-see category. But you should watch it anyway, you might be travelling one day and you’ll know what to do with strangers. So I say to you, “Hello!”.

‘Idiot’ is a Compliment

3 Idiots is a Hindi comedy film (based on a novel by Chetan Bhagat, Five Point Someone – What Not To Do at IIT).

So you thought this would be another ‘dumb and dumber’ comedy show? Really quiet different from what you had in mind.

Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), and Rancchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad “Rancho” (Aamir Khan) are three engineering students who share a room in a hostel at the Imperial College of Engineering “ICE”. Farhan took engineering obeying his father’s decision, Raju is studying engineering to raise his family’s fortune while Rancho’s was for his love for machines and devices. And among the three, Rancho was different – unique. He has the intelligence driven with great philosophy and values but such principles won’t go unbarred. And the only way to keep it strong and steady is by keeping your heart free from fear. And that’s how Rancho won the bet.

The story was deeply woven with what life is all about — that’s concerning with career. Is it something that having much yet unsatisfied with the work you have, or having less yet you can afford to smile every single day of your existence? Rancho taught Farhan and Raju to do the things you won’t be regretting when you’re in your deathbed. And wisely advised, choose what your heart is telling you that makes you happy.


Rancho: All is well. ‘aal izz well’. Our heart scares easily, you have to trick it. However big the problem, tell your heart, ‘all is well, pal’.

Raju: That resolves the problem?

Rancho: No. But you gain courage to face it.


Some things are best understood in the simplest of its form. You don’t have to give the full definition of a machine to be cheered by your classmates, sometimes, you are best praised when you’ve shared a word or two that forever will remain in the minds of your friends. (Now I’m using friends ‘coz they won’t call you a friend if they’ll just forget you.)

Raju committed a suicide when he had to decide between his friend’s (Rancho) rustication or his family’s future.

Rancho always says, it is not suicide. It is murder.

This was not the first time that ever happened in their school. We are amazed how good technology can read heart pressure but never in history did one attempt to invent something that reads a mind pressure.

‘Coz when a mind is pressured, it thinks nothing but to end it all. *snap* just like that.

Think about of condensed philosophy, learnings and mind thingy?

Nah, this story also has a gentle touch of romance.

Girls, before giving your vow, learn from guru Rancho.

(Adam says)

I love the way they incorporate romance to this wittingly comedy film. It gives that air not too heavy that detracts the brilliant points of the story. And how it keeps every frame an emotion to expound with.

Don’t be too perfectionist about life. Being perfect doesn’t mean being happy or satisfied.

After all, life isn’t measured by the things you have done correctly. But by the mistakes you have made and how you corrected it.

Rancho showed to them that by following your heart’s desire, one day the desires you took will give back something worthy for you and for your heart.

He’s truly an brilliant man, packed with the necessary tools to make it through with life.

“Don’t look for success. Look for excellence, and success will follow you.”

It’s not new and anyone can think about that. But have they looked for excellence? When no sooner, success will then be confused with excellence?


(Adam says)

Very nice storyline. Lots of twist and awe. Good direction. Who could guess about the end? And they were able to make it look insignificant due to the pressing values and resolutions that will dawn on the viewer. It will matter less now when you have something much bigger in hand — something wealth can never buy. 🙂

A Not So Little Thing :D

From the Thai movie “A (Crazy) Little Thing Called Love” aka “First Love”

At first, I thought watching it would mean a waste of time. But how do I say that if I haven’t given it a chance – to change my life of seeing little things.

P’Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol) secretly fell in love with P’Shone (Mario Maurer). Nam started off with a dark skin, wore eyeglasses, (and I don’t think she has bad teeth but still decided to wear braces to enhance her looks). With the help of Nam’s friends, they transformed her slowly so as to get noticed by Shone. Did they succeed? It’s for you to find out. This story isn’t just one face storyline, it offers a series of different unforgettable events —  a fast phased punch off from seventh grade to tenth grade.

The story was light, funny and nakakakilig especially Mario looks so handsome and Nam’s ugly duckling fate which seemingly was unbelievable added a whole heart to the movie. After watching this, it made me feel so light that I think I’m ready for it Lord! hehehe. Such a really nice story that left me watching once more.

This was that moment when you asked your teacher for an out to the bathroom, but then you’ll change course, hurry down/upstairs, catch your breath hard and then walk calmly as if it so happens you’re just strolling by. Yeah, you got the picture — walking pass by your crush’s classroom just to have a little second check on him. (That’s Nam and P’Shone). 🙂

My new found favorite teacher, Teacher In. She’s beautiful — inside. hahaha. She’s the motivational, driven and spirited to as getting her love. Aww was she sick in here? hmm, I’m not telling you. 🙂 Watch her as she fight her ultimate battle with the men she wants. And it would be an easy feat if Teacher In doesn’t have someone to rival with. 🙂




How’s this for a recreational activity? Allowing yourself to discover art. hehehe. This was for the preparation of their drama (or stage comedy) on Snow White. Nam’s transformation slowly took an angle discourse here. 🙂





Who’s that girl? Is it Nam, talking with P’Shone head front? And who’s that guy, he too looks handsome, does he play an important role here or just a passer by? But I tell you, he comes in “somebody”. Ahh, now it defeats my question, anyway watch him. 🙂





Do you recognize her? IT’S NAM!! She’d changed a lot. At first, I thought it was a different actress. But I came to learn, it’s really her. See how little love can change into big things. 🙂





What’s going on here? Does P’Shone courting P’Nam? 😀 You don’t know? But the sight of it looks mostly like it. Just keep it to yourself, after watching the movie it might wreck all your theories. 🙂





WHAT?! P’Shone stop him. Stop him! They don’t look good with each other. aww, I don’t like this scene. But it’s part of it. You are destined for one, but you’re not crossed-path with one either. 🙂





This is my favorite scene. It takes a whole courage to tell someone how you feel, but it takes more than what you hold to handle how the person you love already had someone a place in their hearts. :’)




“Can’t you hear my heart calling for you, loving you.
But I can’t release my heart out for anyone to know.
Can’t you hear my heart’s waiting there for you.
Waiting for you to feel it. I was hoping that you will realize someday.” This song really fits how they feel. 🙂




Now they already have their careers walking in their respective paths, does a little thing called love still has a place for the two of them? After separated for nine solid years, they get to see each other again. But do they still have their chances? 🙂

I have two last images left, but I decided not to post it. It will, of course, just spoil everything. Just watch it for yourself and let your heart eat a delicious taste of that little thing called love.



Actually, after watching this movie, it gave me a different kind of feeling both happy and sad. Happy that I get to see such heart-warming, soul-touching, light romance of a high school individuals (which exactly had no difference from what I’ve experience in my years of high school). And sad, because it’s a movie. Movies are just acts to be delivered (not to fool) but to entertain excellently the viewers. So I don’t absorbed the whole thing as something as realistic as the one they’ve shown.

Now, everyone’s hooked up on to this movie. I researched about it and realized that it was based on a true story… (that made me feel happy) but then the next word held me back …of everyone. Based on a true story of everyone. Yes, it really was based on my story, her story, his story, everyone’s story. Somehow, it is realistic in everyone’s different little ways. If I have an extra thumb, I’ll stick it up to give this movie a three thumbs up (to you Thai movie and everyone).

Reflects exactly a first love. And the feeling? A not so little thing after all.

🙂 And I won’t get tired watching this movie again and again. I acquired my own copy so when will you?