Silent Performance

Great movie actors and actresses are slowly shedding off their glows. Some of which might still radiate amazing acts but not for long. Where’s Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and not to mention Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stalone, Jet Li and a lot more we seldom see in the silver screen. That is why I’m spying the new ones who seem struggling to shine through the crowd.

First one: know him? He’s The Covenant (2006) and 10,000 BC (2008) lead actor, Steven Strait. He has great acting skills but not enough. His performance in 10,000 BC as D’Leh was primitive yet lacks the spark of a next best actor. He seems promising though but people wants more. After watching The Covenant, I thought he’d come out fresh and bankable but it seem people are not buying it.

Next: Logan Lerman. Probably saw Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, well, he’s best known for playing that title character. Apart from this, Logan already won a few number of awards way back from his younger years. He’s been in 15 movies which includes The Patriot, The Butterfly Effect, Jack and Bobby, 3:10 to Yuma, Meet Bill, etc. But still, he seems to be needing a lot more. Well, there’s plenty of time for this 19-year-old actor.

Third: The Green Arrow, Justin Hartley, in Smallville. Seeing him for the first time, he really looks like the next Brad Pitt. But after a series of roles both on film and television, he still didn’t get that glow. He can act, he can do actions but he lacks the charm(?). Many girls, I guess, are probably throbbing around him and waiting for his tv appearances. But to add it up, he’s already in his early thirties. Can he still make it? Let’s find out.

Fourth: Alex Rider in the Stormbreaker, Alex Pettyfer. Three nominations with an award, not bad for a newcomer. But that was before. After that, be barely manage to get notice on the silver screen. This year, 2011, he got the starring roles for I Am Number Four and Beastly. He finally, slowly getting out to be big. Hopefully it’ll last.

Lastly: Eragon’s lead star, Ed Speleers. He’s been into a couple of films after his debut of Eragon on 2006. It was said it was trilogy film, but it wasn’t followed after it didn’t make a hit. Ed has potentials to be in chick flicks but action-adventure or fantasy, I don’t know. This year, he has A Good Place to Die and The Good War. But you would you watch it? Kindda, less likely.

In order to make it bigtime in the movie industry, one must acquire skills to act, charm to persuade, a clean character outside the industry, and of course luck — not — of course, a good material movie. Even how charming they are but without a good storyline, then they’ll have to keep on trying harder.


Kiss Me Goodbye

This is one of my blog entry 5 years ago, which was written under my pen name: Sandy Alexis. What inspires me to write this is because of that song Kiss Me Good-bye, though I don’t quite understand since it’s in foreign language, the soft, eerie music moves me so. (see below)

I was standing at the balcony looking at the distant vivid pasture. I felt home, I felt peace, and I wonder if the pasture gazed back knowing how happy I am – to be with him. The morning air breezed, the sun warmed and suddenly a smooth palm lay on top of my hand. I looked over to my side and saw his radiant smile. I saw his eyes full of love. Then he wrapped his arms around me from behind. He’s been my guardian, my friend, a defendant, my love. I closed my eyes and felt even more the elements that joined us – his presence especially. I realized my senses were at their peak when I’m with him. I could smile beyond the sense of touch, I’m seeing love beyond my eyes can perceive, I could hear his heartbeat beyond my ears can hear, and I’m wondering how can I live without him. He is my everything – the avid reader of my life, in every chapter and in every page.

And then he withdrew his arms. A trace of sadness was seen on my face. He had to go, this day would come and I’m hoping he’ll come back home with me. But it seemed the sky knew better of love, it suddenly turned gray and loosed a downpour. And now I’m looking through the window with my tears drifting fast. This is unacceptable. Why do we end up this way? When everything runs in perfect shades of color, darkness will always be in the corner, waiting. With another drop of my tear, I lost him. I didn’t cry hard for we didn’t last, I cry hard for there will never be as great as his love and my love.

He died, the pain was so real. But I had to bury him and along the three-fourth of my memory. How, how can I forget that radiant smile, that eyes full of love and lips that could utter me whole? I lay on my bed unnoticing if it was soft or fluffy. The pain followed by a deathly numb, and I’m ready for what agony comes next. Every time I looked at the sky, a tear will always draw a line. How I missed him, the moments he pulled the heavy emotions in me, lighted my day, and even completed it.

I was once again at the balcony, the wind was telling to move on, write the next chapters. Even if I wanted to, there will be no one who’s avid enough to read it through. I’m writing for whom? Sorry but I can’t help it, tears will always fall irrepressibly. I closed my eyes and recalled that very last day. I remembered, after he withdrew his arms, he kissed me, hugged me so tight and for the very last. I opened my eyes and again dew-like water fell, but this time it wasn’t for the pains but instead, of a love so true that he didn’t leave with all my stories. He left me a kiss, enough for me to believe that he didn’t leave for love is over. He left me a kiss, for he knew I would come to this agonizing part, and one kiss is all I need to awaken all my senses. You kissed me good-bye and I’ll always remember you for your true love.

Unheard Of…

Social networking sites has been the cheapest way to buy social life. But, due to its very much accessibility to acquire one, you can’t either tell which friend is true. It is like partying into a virtual disco crib, everyone is your dance partner but only few knows your how to groove with your dance moves. Anyway, Facebook got their way soaring high, selling like pancakes, and I can’t deny it they’re just great. But they’re not the only social networking sites that exist. Some might can mention a three or four but actually there are more than a hundred with users ranging from 10,000 plus to up to 600,000,000 plus. So I’m gonna share to you some these sites we are unheard of but ironically, popular. I’m not a registered user to some of these, I don’t feel the responsibility to keep my accounts updated.

1. Facebook. You probably hear this so I’ll skip this one.

2. QZone. One of the most active sites in the industry, with its superb features like writing blogs, keeping diaries, sending photos, and listening to musics. And not only that, one can also change the profile looks of the user. Just like Friendster. Also, one can also select accessories that suits to the individuals taste. With 480,000,000 plus users, this sure is popular. But wait, just as you think this is world-wide, no! This is only available to the Chinese community. They sure do comprise the world’s largest population.

3. Habbo. Third on the spot with 200,000,000 users. This site markets to teens and know how they managed to grow too soon? They just had the better gameplay to pool teens. You started as the hotel owner and the guest, well, are the other hotel-owner. The virtual ambient feel of a video game makes everything seem interesting to play, yet the goal of socializing as well.

4/5. Twitter and Windows Live Spaces (formerly MSN Spaces). They’re not uncommon sites so let’s go to the next.

6. Bebo. Blog Early, Blog Often, tha’s what Bebo is. Users receive a personal profile page where they can post blogs, photographs, music, videos and questionnaires to which other users may answer. It’s also a multilingual site just like Habbo. Gaining 117 million users, this social networking site puts it in the six spot. Additionally, users may add others as friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.

7. Vkontakte. Don’t even know how that reads. But it land the next spot with 110 million users. It is popularly know in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Vkontakte is doubted as “facebook clone” since it has a lot of similarity, see how the logo and color scheme looks.

8. Tagged. With 100 million active users. This was awarded with “2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies”, thus making it popular. It also has a lot of controversies regarding email marketing and privacy policy. But anyhow, it manages to resolve all of that.

9. Orkut. Owned and run by google, this social networking site gathers 100 million users. The service is designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. Although Orkut is less popular in the United States than competitors Facebook and MySpace, it is one of the most visited websites in India and Brazil. As of March 2011, Alexa traffic ranked Orkut 102nd in the world; the website currently has more than 100 million active users worldwide. Anyone 18 years old or older can join Orkut.

10. LinkedIn. This is for professional and business networking.

The list goes on. Wherever you are there are a lot of social networking sites to choose from. As long as there’s people feeding to the diverse demograph, then these sites won’t go out of business. Nah! They still do when they gained a little traffic. hehehe. It doesn’t matter how many social networking sites you are into, as long as you take responsibility among your accounts. Best advice from people who know better: go out of your house, that is where the best social life is found.

Masters of Chef… Soon.

This is certainly one of the best cooking show I’ve seen by far, the hit American competitive cooking game show, MasterChef US.

I’ve seen everything, from the auditions to the finale and it was so heart-pumping, nerve-racking, mind-blowing kind of experience. I didn’t even had second thoughts when I saw the first episode. And from there, I kept my schedule on time.

Who knew these judges, well, it’s not me of course. But when they introduced their selves, wow, I felt dwindling back at my seat. Graham Elliot, the youngest chef who earned a 4-star rating. And he also earned the 2004 Best New Chef from Food & Wine MagazineJoe Bastianich, who just owned 20 of the best restaurant in America and 3 wineries which recognized him as an “Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional”. And the producer/host/judge of the show, Gordon Ramsay, awarded with 12 Michelin Stars, owned 26 restaurant worldwide and the only man who knows best about food. Anyhow they are one hell of a master.

Moving on, my experience with this series is close to somewhat unexplainable. The judge taste the food, give a plain look, then walk away. There’s no way I can guess what: does it taste good, was it that bad, is he gonna make it, everything is just plain unexpected. But my bet was the youngest, Whitney Miller, who dropped out of college to follow her dreams.

Whitney, 22, a college student almost always surprised them all. At such an age, she’ll do whatever it takes, that’s what she said. And she did live up well to that. She won! She’s the first youngest AMATEUR chef who won MasterChef US. David Miller, the 1st runner up, has potentials too. He got 2 WINs but only Whitney get 3 WINs though he didn’t get a LOW point compared to Whitney. Nevertheless, they’re both one skillful amateur chefs.

I wanted to commend also for the format of the show. It was entertaining. With their different segments like the Invention Test, that surprised test (the one with the box thing), the Off Site Challenge where they will be split into two, it was never a boring show to watch.

Now, I so thrilled for their next season. Can’t wait! 🙂

Tragic Comedy

Some of us might easily grasp the idea of how tragedy and comedy goes well along. But for me, I think different.

This happened during summer, particularly on a Black Saturday where Christian belief that Christ’s body is laid down on a tomb. Holy Week is no merry making or heavy outdoor fun activity for some. It is a week for repentance and going out seeking adventure would be a very bad idea. Wonder why? Because Jesus Christ is nowhere else but dead. At first, I find it funny since Jesus Christ is everywhere though it’s a season where he was dead. It’s just a symbolism that being born human like us, he’ll die but then get resurrected.

But that happening made me took another step to be careful during holy week. It was Saturday and the entire family is going out on a beach holiday. The sun was warm, the air breathe chilly, barbecue smells everywhere, no one can think of something wrong. We were early to enjoy the longer day and head back home early too. And soon, the pristine beach was slowly filled with humans. I was on our cottage playing cards when all of a sudden, a thick crowd emerge at the coast. Then, a police vehicle arrived and the family beside our cottage went frantic. We stopped and stick our heads to the intriguing commotion. Not later, we saw a dead body being carried to the car. The old lady was crying, some girls (might be relatives) were sobbing. We learned after that the man was gone for two hours now.

Can we still continue the fun? There and then, I hear people warn about going out, don’t play too hard, and just get extra cautions. Funny how most things happened out of coincidence but that much coincidence? I don’t think so. Well, even if it’s Holy Week or not, it pays greatly to be a little cautious.

There’s Eternity in Yellow

Most cartoons just come and go. Sooner than we know it’s already part of our childhood memories. But there are some that quite stay for awhile, and I even stop at this cartoons every time a scan for a good channel. Yes, and they are Spongebob Squarepants and The Simpsons.

Lemme talk about them:

Spongebob Squarepants

Talking about nautical nonsense, the world’s famous Bikini Bottom and the most wanted craby patty — yeah, they’re all here. Piloting on 1999, this animated series still continues to up these days. It’s been what? 12 strong years. You’d probably had an idea of who’s the man behind this, a marine biologist. No surprised there, but what surprised me is how they continue to sack dozens of awards and nominations and, of course, merchandise. It apart from that, this cartoon characters made it to become an icon for the American citizens.

Having 8 seasons and 153 episodes plus 295 segments, this series can go any better and better.

Spongebob, he’s truly more than a sponge! He’s hilarious, witty, funny, punny, loving pet-owner, honest, innocent, a best friend, and a lot more you can add. No wonder why people around the world, young and old, love him so. And I am one of Spongebob’s follower. I hope and thought, this series will never end. Aye! Aye! Aye! as Spongebob always laughed.

 The Simpsons

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are one-of-a-kind family. I wonder how they’d come up with such strong, memorable characters which makes me think if they really do exist.

Anyhow, just like Spongebob, they too are now an icon in US.

Apart from its witty conversations and the never failure of making me laugh, this animated series follows that of satirical parody of a working American lifestyle. So this is both informative and entertaining.

They are immortal! Getting stronger with their 22nd season and 482 episodes.  Debuting on December 1989, this series became a year older than me. But it takes another 4 or 5 years for me to begin watching this and laugh to the coolest family on earth.

I must say, Family Guy was great but it will only be a second best.

The Simpsons humor is of a different level, no bars hold, everything is all out. No wonder then how this series caught a good number of controversies and criticism too. With Homer’s bad parenting to Bart, and Bart’s not being a good role model to children. But nonetheless, besides all of that, the series managed to bag 27 Primetime Emmy Awards, 27 Annie Awards and a Peabody Award. And not to mention a number of merchandise too.

How’s that for one family!

They’re just great, aren’t they? There’ll probably be another funny and cunny animated series will come soon. But I think not as amazing as these two. Will write back soon, it’s already Spongebob on Nick. 🙂

Want a Piece of Them?

I’m probably, no certainly, way behind this riveting anime comic series, One Piece. Adopted in nearly 15 countries and translated into moving pictures, this series sure know how to capture the world.

Way back when I was in third year high school, I already enjoyed a couple episodes. But it didn’t went long enough since summer is starting to end. That summer was my unforgettable one, I not only finished one anime series but two (that excludes One Piece since it didn’t yet ended). Anyhow, the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy was more than captivating and should I say wickedly magical.

As one of my favorite anime series, let me introduce that powerful cast of One Piece. There is their captain Monkey D. Luffy (aka Straw-hat boy), whose dream is to became the Pirate King which, in an era of pirates, is not an easy feat. There is  Roronoa Zoro, whose dream is to be the most invincible swordsman in the world. Next is Sanji, a cook whose dream is to see the All Blue where everything is blue even the fishes. There’s the navigator Nami, whose dream is to make a map of the world. Then there’s Usopp, a self-titled “King of Sniper Sogeking”, whose dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea. Then the doctor, Tony Tony Chopper, a blue-nosed reindeer whose dream is to see the world and practice his medicine. They also have the “Devil Child”, Nico Robin, whose dream is to know the true history through deciphering poneglyph. There’s emotional Franky, the Cyborg, where his body is made of metal that gave him superhuman strength. His dream is to build a shipwright and sail to the end of the world. Lastly, Brook, a skillful musician whose dream is, well, kept by himself. There’s also Nefertari Vivi, she almost became one of the members but refuse the offer since she has a duty to serve as princess of Alabasta.

Anyway, you’ll probably know better than me once you’ve read or watched the episodes. What I mostly like about this story is how the fight, never surrender, even death is not an option to give up one’s dream. Notice how each one of them have that one common similarities? And it is through that dream how the all managed to stand still firmly above the ground.

Apart from the story, it’s comedic in a way that’s idiotic and plainly very funny — simply yet it makes you laugh out loud. In my second life, I wish I’ll fall into this dimension where being strong is a will, where strength is proportional to dedication and passion and not just physical strength, where friendship is the biggest fighting force, not love, nor hope, nor anything else but friendship.

I highly recommend this one to you, there is so much more to write, but it’ll just spoil everything. And the best thing about it is you kept on leafing to the next page for that curiosity of what’s to come next. Enjoy!

While I was writing this, I’m reading the comic actually. And continually enjoying it. This anime series will forever be part of me now. The dreams, fantasies, fun and experience will forever be a memory to cherish and look up to. Being a pirate is not all treasure hunting and ship bombing, sometimes pride gets into the head to keep those dreams flaming. I will fight for my dreams, want a piece?

They Glitter, They’re Beautiful… I Bet They’re Expensive.

I mentioned in my past accounts of life that I when it comes to the field of study I took, it did give me a little more frustrations.

But the past will now be a past, and moving on will always be my present. No more dwelling on regrets but make the best of now.

I once had chit chat with a friend of how my five years of study almost becomes an empty road. But we concluded in the end, things will never be too late. There is still time to chase our dreams. I, for once, wanted to be a photographer — into graphics and media arts. I want to capture the world, especially these days people are moving quicker than the earth’s rotation. Through my photography, I’ll be able to capture moving sceneries into still pictures that people will stop and see, realize that the most beautiful things are those small details we fail to see everyday.

And I, for once, wants to touch and or inspire others to make the best out of their lives. But here again comes a wall of separation — that eerie, misty wall that separates dreams from reality. Dreams dazzles me like a flicker of light that my soul wants to follow. They glitter, they’re beautiful, and dreams, I bet they’re expensive. Yes, they are indeed. Now, I’m again tuned into less dependent with time. There’s nothing much I can do yet to realize them. But there’s everything less I can still do, and that’s slowly building, bits by bits, the foundations of my visions.

Not practicing my profession would sound insane, but no matter what, if my heart’s not there I’ll continue to move where it’ll find its place. Soon, not later, I’ll catch up with my dreams, running hand in hand and live a fulfilling life. 🙂

Summer Kites

Can hardly recall when was the last time I flew kites. But there’s one thing I can remember, it was summer and I was having fun.

Nowadays, when childhood has abandoned me and growing up seems to stand in my way, it is difficult to find a little time for fun this summer time. I can still feel that cool summer air rushing against my kite, then mixed with the tender warm of the sky, everything was truly a moment to remember. Life as a kid will always be a free-willing fun, no complexity about life and nothing to worry about. Why wouldn’t it last.

Flying a kite taught me a lot of things. You have to learn how the wind moves to bend nicely along the current. Don’t fly far away from the rest or you might snap loose your thread. Fly close where your colors can be seen but don’t forget to soar. And never ever forget to enjoy while summer air has come to visit. They might look like superficial fun to some kids but as you look close to your kite, it shows something much more to the materials it was made. We fly for not just what we are but, in most likely cases, we fly for who we are.

I wish I could fly some kite someday, soon. Life is a few like flying, we come down to rest but sometimes we fly to see everything what we are and who we are.

Taken Away

I’m a dog person. And, for me, having a dog is like having the best-est friend in the world. But as of now, I seclude myself from having one. Maybe sometime in the future.

I had dogs before but they just come and go. The oldest one I’ve had was Honey. She was born way before I do exist in this world. And she died due to old age. I can still remember that day, she slept and didn’t wake up. The last dog we acquired was way 2 years ago. And sadly, they were taken away — both by force and by time.

I remember how happy I was when we have them. Here in the Philippines, dogs were just treated like animals. But not with me. I treat them like I treated myself. There were two of them, I named one Cookie and the other Totskie. Totskie is thin and pretty playful while Cookie is fat and way playful than Totskie. Dogs will be dogs, biting to something, run around the house. I like watching them having fun, and I also joined their teasing too. Not all the people in our house loves the dogs as much as I do. I think I’m the only one who feeds them, looks after them during nightfall, and takes them to what they least like — bathing.

But there’s this event that changed all that. After we got home from a family out. We found mom’s robe being torn down — we don’t know who did it but the suspects were either the two dogs. They got very angry that they ordered Totskie to be killed. The moment I heard it, I got very sad. I don’t know what to do.

And from that day on, any moment now, someone will come to our house and kill Totskie. All I did was to rub Totskie stomach and it made him fell sleepy, or at peace, or at home. I gave all the love I can give for I know what’ll comes next. Two days had passed, but no one came. I hope they forgot all about that. But to my surprise, someone came bringing a wire string. I ran to the bathroom and cover my ears, banging my head to the wall, and rumbling so as not to hear the dog’s whimpering. He strangled him to death. Beyond our concrete walls, I can hear Cookie whimpering, crying over his playmate’s death. I cried my eyes out there hoping I could do something, yes, there was something I can do. But I was afraid to do it.

Days after that, I haven’t seen Cookie running around the ground. And I learned that it got sick, very sick. This was not the first time it got sick terribly like it’s gonna die. During his first sickness, Cookie wasn’t able to eat or drink, and it can hardly open its eyes or walk. But I always visit him, rubbed his back urging him to live. I pushed him to eat a little or drink a little. And, fortunately, Cookie gained back his strength. But this second time around, Cookie didn’t make it.

It made me thinking, it’s my presence and love that made him see to survive the first. And not the food or water. Because during the second time, I wasn’t able to comfort him for he can hardly be found. The two puppies now are playing happily, I guess, in their land where hunger doesn’t exist and love is ample. I miss them now. I know it’s very difficult to gain affection and being unwanted or unloved is the most sickening feeling one can get, even though they’re animals, they have emotions too. ‘Till the end, I didn’t regret loving them. We will see each other soon Cookie and Totskie, just wait for me, I miss you already. :’)