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My Surreal Movie

One of my weirdest movie — and to think I didn’t make it myself but the subconsciousness of my brain did. Yeah, a dream, one of my continuous movie-like dream. And hey, I’m one of the lead stars too. From since long ago, I’ve studied dreams, not that I take lessons for it but contemplate on what it supposed to mean. Dreams are unfinished thoughts, so when I dream of something suspicious I traced back the day what my activities are. And fortunately, some of which are plausible and some are yeah, unfinished enough. But there are some I really can’t dig it out. Well, dreams are just one of those that we barely can understand.

Anyway, I wanna share my dream. This is not the first, that I have a continuous movie-like dream. And by movie-like, I mean there’s a connection of events with plot, climax, story but I haven’t gone through to the resolution (my subconsciousness tells me that there’s a part 2. hehehe).

It started with me and a friend of mine walking up a hill adorned by gardens and benches. This is the entrance and exit to our school. It was the most beautiful entrance I’ve seen by far: the garden had the most rarest flowers grown, marble benches with overhead covers ran along the side, students chatting and laughing — groups and groups of them. At that time we were going back to our homes. The sky was bluer and looks closer than it appears, with fluffy white clouds sailing along the cool wind. No one ever thought of what lies ahead, everyone just felt the surreal feeling not until everyone was looking at the sky.

A commotion? Not likely, we joined the sky gazing and saw a half-moon-like image. It really looked like a half full moon. But with a gyrating glow around its edges. We kept on walking while observing it: the people then to the sky then to the path we’re going. We reached the city and the white plate on the sky was still visible. Until, it suddenly shoot laser fireball or something. It shoot rapidly which made us ran and took cover. Now people started to run for their lives. It obliterated almost it comes to see in its path.

We hide behind a huge building where a canal of mud was seen. Then an idea hit me, if we cover ourselves with mud then there would be less possibility we’d be identified by the aliens. We were not the only ones who swam the thick black mud, some had followed too. And, what am I thinking, it didn’t worked. By the looks of the situation, I know this is some alien invasion. The only thing that comes into my mind was to dwell somewhere underground.

Traffic was jamming the road. We need to open just one manhole to get underground. And then it hit — a wave of thin light highlighted the road. The next thing we saw, not a single car left standing. Anyhow, I feel responsible to make my friend live, is as if I’m liable for his life. So my aim is to get us underground. We were waiting for a right time, many were dead shot on the road. Smokes obscured the sky and it’s starting to get dark.

I managed to get a metal stick to open a manhole. And just when I was ready for it, something huge move behind the house. I couldn’t see it since we where somewhere in front of it. Desperate for a shelter, we wrecked open the wooden wall which later we found out leads to its basement. We throw ourselves in, there were others too. There was a small drainage but it was too small for a human to fit. And there’s no way we can dig it out down to the drainage system. I looked outside and saw a woman running towards our direction. Maybe she wanted to join us too. But as when he reached halfway, her eyes were filled with terror. The earth quaked! I searched my friend inside, he’s okay. I looked back at the woman and blood started to rain on her face. Then guts of human flesh started to follow — brains, eyeballs, kidneys, all sorts of human interior fell everywhere. Now this is insane!

There’s no time left, I have to get us down. I grabbed my friend and stepped out from the basement. But just then we reached outside, a green huge amoeba-like with mouth bigger than but had similarity with a crocodile breaks loose behind the basement’s floor. It torn apart human bodies and ate them? I don’t know, I didn’t look back. And now, the only thing we hoped for surviving isn’t as good as we’d thought. This things goes underground too!

Now there are only five of us left, we run to our dear lives and found a storage house. Everyone went in and disappeared up to the staircase. I close the door to make sure we wont get followed. But just as I was to get up, two humans grabbed one of my companions and dragged her down to a staircase leading to the basement. She was screaming hard, pleading to spare her life. But the two seems cold unable to give emotions. I know they’re not who they are. Their eyes were fixed and swelling out, and weird, they grin. I eavesdropped one of them asking, ‘is she the diamond?’ ‘No, she’s not!’ ‘Then kill her!’ Then her scream fade to nothingness.

What? A diamond? I ran upstairs and found a party with a bunch of them. They look normal, not that their faces look normal, but they acted normal. Only zombie-ish! My friend was nowhere to be found. Then I saw someone familiar, the boy who ran with us. I sneaked close, pulled him and locked ourselves inside a closed room. He’s different, he seems unaffected. What’s going on? I asked. You should probably join us, he said, since the diamond is already been taken to mother. What? What is this diamond? Then until I realized, isn’t my friend they’re referring to? Yeah, he might be since he’s the only one I couldn’t find. Now it makes sense why I felt so obliged to protect my friend. He might be now sacrificed or something. I have to find him and get him back. But would it be too late when they’ve already crushed the door in half? I quickly searched for a way out and found a small ventilation fan. He jumped towards me and somehow I managed to shove him towards the angry mob. Then hastened my way out through the fan.

I fell down outside, but it wasn’t a hard fall. I begun to see people, walking limply as if the aliens had all gone. Yes, they were all gone but I don’t think they’re not the one who’s inside these lifeless moving individuals. No point asking help from these people and I walked away getting myself out of trouble. A woman covered her face with a veil walked cross my path. She seemed suspicious. I followed her down to an empty street which leads to an old house. I didn’t know why but I yelled for her to stop, but she continued. I quickened my pace until I was about to grabbed her shoulder and she whispered enough for me to hear, just walk if you wanna live. So I stopped and just followed her.

Then, we stopped inside her house where another two women waited. They were emotionless. Then and there they enlightened me about my friend being the diamond. The humans were now just a costume to the horrid looks of these foreign race. Blank face and grin are the only two emotions these aliens shows, other than that will be considered real human which will be gutted out. The mother will come three days later for the sacrificial ceremony of my friend, and if I wanted to save him I have to plan it well.

Then I woke up. It was now 7:30 in the morning, and I wanted the show to go on. Damn it! See, my brain showed me a very intriguing storyline. A diamond? My friend was the diamond? Gutted out humans? There was still a story behind it but sadly I woke up. I hope it will be continued. But less likely to happen. Another amazing dream. Sorry, did I just bored you? I watched this video a week ago, would it be the one responsible for my bizarre dream? Try watching it for yourself!