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Versus: Live or Got to Dance?

What better way to entertain an audience than singing? And I really bet on Dancing.

I’m a huge fan of competitive dance shows (but not much for So You Think You Can Dance) and especially when it’s from foreign countries.

But which of these two dance its way better on stage? I’m gonna spill some of my opinions.

Paula Abdul’s live to dance is amazing. No, it’s just that America got amazing talents.

There were eye-popping scenes, a bunch of cutesy, excellent routines, original dance moves and a lot more. The set was also fabulous, from the stage to the judges’ lounge.

It was more or less in level with Got To Dance.

But what I’m concerned about is the judging scheme.

We all know that Paula’s fame started out as a cheerleader who successfully made her way to highly sought-after choreographer. In the show, during the semi-finals, she cuts in to help or assist the choreography of each semi-finalist. Intervention is the word. As a result, she become predictable to giving gold stars. She helped them during their rehearsals and giving them a red star would mean what? A credibility minus in her part or yeah, the contestants just didn’t held their best high enough?

Also, I can see her so sweet and soft. While Kimberly was strict and firm (even in Got To Dance), and same goes for Travis Payne. She often give gold star which I think it’s not deserving.

On the other hand.

Got To Dance UK is just as sensational as the other.

And from the two, I like this one better.

No need for me to state their differences when it comes to talents, entertainment and settings. They’re just a super wee bit close.

And what I like about this one are the judges. Adam Garcia is smart, though he only just tap dance (forgive my manner for underestimating) but he’s amazing when it comes giving off comments. And Kimberly? This girl has sharp eyes and precise tongue. One word is not enough to judge a dance act. And Ashley, simple, cool and speaks from the heart and excitement.

I watch Live To Dance. But I never skip, Got To Dance! 🙂