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No One Fears It Anymore

“Die now, die tomorrow, the same death.” I heard this one from a woman in her middle age, eating a bunch full of sweets. I learned she was warned not to eat too much since it’ll be bad for her diabetes. And there goes her reply.

What difference does it have if I die today or tomorrow? Well, there’s time, chances, hope, opportunity, there’s a lot of difference. Long ago, Mr. Death is someone people are trying to avoid with, and perhaps, maybe up till now. But from the scenes I’ve seen, I don’t think Mr. Death’s costume is horrible anymore.

Dying is great for those individuals who lose the sense to live or desperate for an instant escape or those who quite think they’d already served their purpose. Even youngster nowadays are defying death through living up to excessive use of almost everything. Death is part of life, it’s inevitable. And yes, therefore, it’s not something we should fear about but it’s also not something we should be inviting.

Life isn’t short, I agree. But people find it short for when time is almost up, they still haven’t done the things they wanted to do. I for once thought dying would be scary but when I started living to the things of what I wanted, death becomes a soft blow of cold air in the night. There’s something out there, at the end of journey. It must keep going on, I know. Once something begins to exist, then it will exist forever. That’s what I always think. So since I’m here, you’re here then end is no longer we should fear about. What I feared now is when I would fail to do what I want.  Night wont stop at the middle of the sky, sooner, it will go down and day goes high again. If my night comes, then I’ll stare at it for one more time. And for one last time, I’ll draw everything I did during the day. Then I’ll sleep back tight, and will wake up. It will continue again and again again. See, it won’t end. 🙂