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Another Chef, The Jr.

Junior MasterChef Australia, the best competitive cooking show, (not that I know of any else), by kids I’ve seen by far.

I am already a fan of MasterChef US and watching this somehow carries out that influence. Well, anyway, the juniors still manage to put up a great show.

I was blown away seeing for the first time little chefs cooking like pro. And I can really see their passion through the food they serve — totally mind-blowing. It was exciting and thrilling, and the idea of aged 8-12 youngsters cooking professionally just adds in spicing it up.

My bet was on the 10-year-old Nick. He did show off a great start (and super cute too with his one-tooth smile) but it dwindles down as the show lengthens. I saw Isabella on the top 12 and thought, isn’t she a bit old for this? The same goes for the 12-year-old Jack. No wonder experience has gotten them as far as being the top 2. Pierre was good, possessing quite a technique there too but was still eliminated. I commend how the scoring system goes, it was fair and square. The same as well for the good roles of the judges — they’re of good help to these growing talents.

Every episode of the show was amazing, just like MasterChef US. And I can’t, like for MasterChef US, wait for their next season.

And another thing, Philipines’ ABS-CBN, a broadcasting network already acquired a franchise for Junior MasterChef and will be airing soon (with host Judy Ann Santos). But I quite doubt if it will get the same fate as the latter two versions in Australia and US. My analyzation resulted to the culture of food we Filipino have. Unlike Australia and US (or Europe), some countries here in Asia give a little mind in presentation. Our food talks about taste, so you wont be expecting a regal, lavish, sensual sight of good presentation of food — that’s for some countries here in Asia. I’m a bit off about the idea of our Pinoy Edition. But I hope it’ll prove me wrong. Well, I hope I can carry out the love as well to the Pinoy Edition.


Masters of Chef… Soon.

This is certainly one of the best cooking show I’ve seen by far, the hit American competitive cooking game show, MasterChef US.

I’ve seen everything, from the auditions to the finale and it was so heart-pumping, nerve-racking, mind-blowing kind of experience. I didn’t even had second thoughts when I saw the first episode. And from there, I kept my schedule on time.

Who knew these judges, well, it’s not me of course. But when they introduced their selves, wow, I felt dwindling back at my seat. Graham Elliot, the youngest chef who earned a 4-star rating. And he also earned the 2004 Best New Chef from Food & Wine MagazineJoe Bastianich, who just owned 20 of the best restaurant in America and 3 wineries which recognized him as an “Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional”. And the producer/host/judge of the show, Gordon Ramsay, awarded with 12 Michelin Stars, owned 26 restaurant worldwide and the only man who knows best about food. Anyhow they are one hell of a master.

Moving on, my experience with this series is close to somewhat unexplainable. The judge taste the food, give a plain look, then walk away. There’s no way I can guess what: does it taste good, was it that bad, is he gonna make it, everything is just plain unexpected. But my bet was the youngest, Whitney Miller, who dropped out of college to follow her dreams.

Whitney, 22, a college student almost always surprised them all. At such an age, she’ll do whatever it takes, that’s what she said. And she did live up well to that. She won! She’s the first youngest AMATEUR chef who won MasterChef US. David Miller, the 1st runner up, has potentials too. He got 2 WINs but only Whitney get 3 WINs though he didn’t get a LOW point compared to Whitney. Nevertheless, they’re both one skillful amateur chefs.

I wanted to commend also for the format of the show. It was entertaining. With their different segments like the Invention Test, that surprised test (the one with the box thing), the Off Site Challenge where they will be split into two, it was never a boring show to watch.

Now, I so thrilled for their next season. Can’t wait! 🙂