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The Legend and The Guhimo

After coming across these two teasers on ABS-CBN, I was interested to learn about it. It looks promising to watch though. So I guess, this wouldn’t go on air unnoticed.

I Am Legend. (Oh, this is not Will Smith’s) With its lead actress in the person of, the queen of Koreanovelas, Kim Jung-Eun, this will definitely be another to look forward to.

It talks about a woman who follows her dreams despite all the glittering wealth she has. Well, it wasn’t hers actually but belongs to her husband’s family. It was no easy wife work. She was treated no less than of a trophy display. She’s not allowed to talk during social functions, her mother-in-law is insensitive to her as a person, they were married just because she got pregnant, which after the marriage she got miscarriage. Her husband doesn’t support her. She’s here — only here. But when her younger sister needs a bone marrow transplant for her, she was forbidden to do so. And that triggered her request for a divorce.

The story now goes around her following embarking on her new career as a singer for the “Madonna Band”. How the story ends and how she acquired being the legend is up for you to see.

But what I’m very intrigue of is this one, My Girlfriend is a Guhimo (Nine-Tailed Fox). The lead are new to me, but that doesn’t bothers me. What I’m after is the romance and that mystical creature. How’s that supposed to stir things up!

Dae Woong releases the 9 tail fox out from his grandfather’s ancient painting by drawing nine tails in it. The creature wanted to become a human but was trapped long ago for such rumors that it eats human livers. Dae Woong meets a beautiful girl (Miho) after a life threatening fall without him knowing that it was the creature he freed. But soon enough, Dae Woong realized what he did and tried to keep her happy and hide from everyone that she’s a gumiho.

Miho saved Dae Woong from that tragic fall, and so she becomes his orb. He can’t date anybody except her. Moreover, the only way for Miho to become a human is to drink his blood within 100 days. As the story goes on, they fell in love, and what Miho didn’t say is that Dae Woong must die. A trouble brews around their love.

I wonder how these stories goes. Can’t wait! Only on ABS-CBN.